Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck was...

Awesome. Inspiring. TIRING. Way too much fun, as usual. I'm really disappointed that I didn't get to meet any of the bloggers I love to read, except for the lovely Dr. Steph, who I ran into at the Morehouse Merino booth in the Horticultural building. On the other hand, I got to see my childhood friend and walk around with my mother and eldest DD B - 3 generations of knitters and 2 of spinners (my mother doesn't spin). I bought more fiber than I had planned on, and very few of the things on my shopping list! I couldn't find Evelyn Clark's new book on triangular shawls anywhere, and am sorely disappointed, but I know I can order it online, so no big deal. I didn't find any silver knitting charms, but I found lovely buttons. I spent much money at Carolina Homespun and Delly's Delights, two of my favorite vendors. I didn't get to shop much at Liberty Ridge, although I wanted to. I worked on my Dragon sock, laughed at the line for The Fold to buy Socks that Rock yarn, and generally had an awesome time. We had lunch courtesy of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) that was wonderful - My mom and I split a hot chicken breast sandwich with bacon and cheese on a kaiser roll and a warm ground lamb and cheddar wrap in a wholewheat soft taco. My dad (who went to the rock and mineral show) found shrimp rolls, which made him happy. The weather was beautiful, if a little warm, and everyone there is always so happy to be there, so jazzed about what's going on, that I get a buzz from it all. I saw people wearing gorgeous knitted items everywhere.

I took pictures of things that made me laugh, and things that were beautiful:

The line for Socks That Rock at the Fold:

Deep fried pickles, anyone?

the Complaint Department:

The "good old days..."

The Rhinebeck Mascot

A wall of color at Liberty Ridge Farms:

Too much funnel cake!

B fell in love with beautiful laceweight from Maple Creek Farm in seafoam colors, I loved the pastel lavenders, so I bought these skeins for us:

I had to have this gorgeous roving from Frelsi Farms, it's Icelandic sheep and silk:

I bought this colorway (Twilight) of Ashland Bay roving at least 10 years ago and adored it (it's spun up, and the photos are in this entry). I thought it was discontinued, but it turns out it's not merino, but "Fine Wool!" I bought all that Delly's Delights had, which was a lot:

I also bought this merino/cashmere/angora blend. It is unbelieveably soft and yummy:

I bought a toy based on recommendations from my spinning guild - a mini-niddy for sample skeins.

I had to have this 50/50 wool and mohair blend from Friends' Folly Farm:

Carolina Homespun provided these temptations:

4 2-oz put-ups of Chasing Rainbows bombyx roving (2 are presents)

a Bryspun size 4 24" circular and a Lantern Moon Destiny size 4 32" circular

a hand-turned hair stick

I also got DD #2 (J) a beautiful spindle from Hatchtown Farm (no pic, she stole it already). She likes to spin, and her spindle is a very basic thing, so I thought she deserved this one. She REALLY wants a wheel, but I want her to practice with a spindle for a while; then she can use one of mine. She's not happy about that - B has her own wheel, which I bought when B was about a year old, and J is jealous and wants her own wheel, too. However, I'm running out of room for wheels, so no wheel for J at the moment. :o(
I bought this beautiful button from Great Adirondack Yarn Co.:
I adore dragonflies, so I'll use this on a jacket or cardigan that closes only at the neck. I'll look around for a pattern, or make one up. Maybe I can add a button to the Pearl S. Buck cardigan? I would knit an I-cord loop at the top of the neck. I know it's a terrible picture, but my current camera doesn't like closeup shots.

I'm sorry it's over! We had so much fun. Now I'm looking forward to cooler weather and spinning up some of what I've bought.

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