Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Wanted to Go and Play!

I wanted to go to Spin-Out but I couldn't - we had made a date to paint the middle daughter's room. My mother, sister-in-law and I spent the entire day first mucking it out (think Augaean stables), moving furniture, then painting. It looks wonderful now, but still - I'd rather have been in the park! The pictures look so wonderful ... :o( Maybe next year, but I NEVER turn down free help with projects like painting.

I barely got to knit at all since Thursday, either, so I feel like I'm behind on the Print O'The Wave stole. I've only done 6 repeats on one of the ends, so it's barely begun. Now that I have a new camera battery I'll take a picture, but it looks like a tangled wadded-up mess at the moment because most of the stole is on a large circular with the edge being knitted on sideways.

I'm trying to decide what's next. I'm torn between a Flower Basket shawl in the dark green handspun, a raglan pullover with lace borders in OnLine Clip cotton, or a Swallowtail shawl with hand-dyed souvenir mohair from London. Decisions, decisions... I also want to start a pair of toe-up Feather & Fan socks. I'm going to base it on Wendy's pattern, but do the feather and fan on the foot as well. I really want to try Judy's Magic Cast-On for toe-up, and I have lots of Koigu that I bought thinking that 2 skeins would be enough to make Here There Be Dragon socks (my absolute favorite sock pattern). However, 2 skeins of Koigu is NOT enough for Dragon socks, so I'm hoping that toe-up feather and fan will be the way to go. I also bought ArtYarns Regal Silk in color 109, which is a marine blue that I bought from Fabulous Yarn (go visit them, they're wonderful), to make Annie Modesitt's corset tank pullover with sleeves, and I want to start that, too. I have yarn and the pattern for Rogue, which I want to make as a cardigan a la Claudia. I think I have too many choices. Maybe I'll have one of the daughters draw a name out of a hat!

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ann said...

sorry you weren't able to be there, but if I had anyone offering to help paint a room, I would have stayed home too!