Thursday, September 20, 2007

Plugging Away...

I'm still slogging along on the Print O'The Wave stole. I have grafted the two halves together, picked up all of the stitches, knit the miters, and started the knitted-on edging. I had to abandon doing it on the LIRR, as the trains shake so hard the stitches come off the needles. Has anyone else noticed the error in the edging pattern - it's supposed to decrease back to the original number of stitches, and the extra decrease isn't there. I added it in myself, but is it just me? (Please don't answer that...)

I'm not really loving this project - it's dull. The middle is a 12-row lace pattern with purl on the even rows. It should be easy/mindless knitting, but I have to pay strict attention because the yarn is incredibly slippery and likes to try to escape off the needles and ravel into a huge mess.

I still have a tiny bit of the first skein left. Loop Yarns came through again and sent me another skein of the silk so I know I can finish this thing. There are lots of other things I want to start, but I can't let myself do that - otherwise, I'll have 10 new projects (or more) sitting around gathering dust. I'd post pics, but I have no camera battery at the moment.

I usually have 2 projects going - socks for commuting and a large project for home, but right now it is all lace all the time. I'm afraid to start anything new because I'm sure I'll neglect the stole. Just keep going...

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