Thursday, September 20, 2007

A New Kitty

Of course, after Humphrey passed there was a gaping hole left behind. I decided I didn't want to go the rescue route. Because we still have 5 cats and a 5-year-old, many of the rescues won't consider us at all. I knew I wanted a ragdoll, so I started checking for local breeders, and I found one in Peconic, on the North Fork of Long Island. If you know Catapano Goat Farm, they also breed ragdolls and cocker spaniels. We had a tough time finding the farm, but it was worth it. We brought home a male blue bicolor and named him Sir Isaac Newton.

My cats have odd names - we have Tiger, named by my eldest daughter when she was 6. He's a classic black/brown/gold tabby. Next is Oscar Wilde, who is also a tabby, but looks like a Maine Coon that got shrunk in the wash. He's small, attitudinous, a pain in the ass, and gay. Charles Darwin (Charlie) is next, an enormous black-and-white tuxedo cat, then Antoine-Laurent LaVoisier (Lovey), an all-grey longhair with green eyes. Finally we have Margaret Meade (Miss Moggie), a dilute calico-and-white, and our newest addition. Yes, they are named after scientists. I like a theme. Isaac is a bumptious boy, about 12 weeks old with all the kitten craziness that entails. He's settling in nicely, with a little hissing from Charlie, who's jealous. I'll post pictures of them when I get a new camera battery.

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